Netgear Orbi provides the best solution for people facing slow speed and low range wifi issues. Orbi creates a network by covering each and every corner of office / home. Orbi is created by same company Netgear which is well known for creating best wifi routers, modems and network switches.


Setting up Netgear Orbi is very easy and can be done by following steps – 


  • First you need to get the cable connection from the isp modem to the orbi satellite.Then you need to open your browser and type The default IP
  • Now you will get the orbi setup page for further steps follow onscreen instructions.
  • You need to sync your router to the orbi satellite to make the connection. 
  • Move your orbi router to the desired place and wait for the led light to get stable.
  • While setting up your Netgear Orbi router you can update firmware also if you get the notification.
  • Do not unplug orbi while setting up or performing firmware update.

Note : The said and password orbi router will be same as you will setup on the screen so please write it down for future use. You can reset your router anytime you feel there is a problem or if you forgot your password.

Steps to change the Username and the password of Netgear Orbi 

The user wants to change the orbi password in some of the situations. In some of the situation user forget their password and wants to change the password for security reasons. Here are some steps to change the username and password :
  • Connect the computer device with the router by using the Ethernet cable or using wireless connection.
  • Open the web browser of your choice chrome, i.e or firefox etc and then type the web address orbilogiom.com to access the login page.
  • Login page will appear on the screen where you can enter the username and password to proceed to the further step.
  • The default username for the login page of the Netgear router is “admin” and then put the password into the password field.
  • After that select, the wireless option then choose your network name and also choose the username.
  • Save the settings.